About Us

Redefining urban mobility

Our Story

Garudeus Aviation was born in 2017 from our love of wanting to fly and our hatred of driving around in cars and getting stuck in traffic.

Around the same time, the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing was launched the GoFly competition. This provided further impetus to bring our vision to the market quicker. We're competing in the Boeing GoFly Competition (2017-2020)!

Everywhere in the world, people wish they can travel on road or by air easily. We realized that many people around the world wish to travel by road or by air in a more personalized way. This was the opportunity to give them the same thing we want for ourselves.

This is precisely how we conceptualized KiiRA- the world's first compact trike-hexacopter!

Garudeus Aviation, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware in 2018.


Our Journey

  • September 2017

Rishav Shrestha develops concept for an exoskeleton based personal air-lan vehicle: MorphR. He names the startup Garudeus Aviation after Garuda, the mythical being with wings who could fly. Garudeus is a faux Latinization of Garuda.

  • April, 2018

Due to a technical glitch, entry of MorphR into Phase I of GoFly gets abandoned.

  • July 2018

KiiRA is conceptualized

  • December 2018

Garudeus Aviation, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware.

  • February 2019

KiiRA is entered into GoFly phase II.

  • March 2019

KiiRA one-third scale prototype made.

  • August 2019

KiiRA full scale prototype will be made

  • October 2019

First 2-minute hover with 200-lb payload to be achieved

First 30 mile flight with 200-lb payload to be conducted

  • December 2019 – January 2020

1,000 miles flown with 200-lb payload (minimum 30 mile flights)

  • February 2020

First pre-production model of KiiRA to be flown at GoFly Fly-off at San Francisco Bay Area
Static Demo of KiiRA to be demonstrated at GoFly Fly-off at Moffett Federal Airfield

  • July 2021

Flying full scale prototype of KiiRA to be released and certification to be applied

Meet the Team

Garudeus Aviation is a wholesome mix of aviation enthusiasts, electric vehicle makers, deep-technology evangelists, scientists, engineers, makers and entrepreneurs. We are building  awesome, transformative, roadable aircraft (aka flying car) platform for civilian and defense purposes.

Rishav Shrestha MD, PhD

Founder, Private Pilot in training, Chief Innovator and Systems Architect, Entrepreneur

Rishav founded Garudeus Aviation to make the ultimate freedom possible - travel anywhere and anytime when one wishes to do. He brings in complementary transdisciplinary knowledge/expertise as systems architect and entrepreneur and is on his way to be a private pilot.

Abhisek Karki, MEng

Electric Propulsion Specialist, Vehicle Body Fabrication Specialist, Entrepreneur

Abhisek is a versatile mechanical engineer genius. He designed and made the first electric three wheelers and boats, and developed an electric drive train for four wheelers in Nepal. He makes the body and other mechatronic systems for Garudeus.

Roja Shrestha, BEng

Aeronautical Engineer/Aircraft Operations Engineer

Roja is an aircraft engineer who's majored in aircraft maintenance. She's highly motivated in developing new generation of aircraft and aircraft operations for travel.

Sanjaya Poudel, MSc

Software Systems Specialist

Sanjaya loves DevOps and developing integrated systems. That's why he is adding aerospace to his portfolio apart from health information systems. He makes and maintains the intelligence for Garudeus' platform as well as guides the embedded systems.

Bishal Silwal, PhD

Electric Motor Design Lead

Prajwol Nepal, MBA, CFA

Business Development Specialist

Prajwol got his CFA when he was 29. A former banker and Director of finance in an international NGO, Prajwol now charts Garudeus' journey in the new multicopter aviation market.

Bishal is an associate professor of EE engineering. His passion is in motor design and electric motor systems. At Garudeus, Bishal focuses on compacting the powerplant and motors for better and efficient flight/drive.

Advisory Panel

Gwen Lighter


Gwen is a trailblazer in aviation/aerospace and mentored Garudeus on our product and business development path as part of the GoFly Challenge.

Malcolm Foster

Mentor, GKN Aerospace (UK)

Malcolm is Director of Special projects at GKN Aerospace and mentored us on Aircraft design.

Alfred Palma, Jr.

Mentor, H47 System Safety Manager, Boeing (US)

Alfred mentored us on System Safety and Safety Assessment for our flyer.

Doug Chappelle

Mentor, Boeing (UK)

Doug is a Technical Fellow at Boeing and mentored us on the technical design of our flyer.

Abhishek Basu

Advisor, Distributed Computing Drootoo (Singapore)

An award winning entrepreneur and brilliant computing genius, Abhishek has been advising Garudeus on AI and Distributed/Edge computing + business development. He was part of the original Microsoft Flight Simulator development team.

Ian Linke

Advisor, Aircraft and Aircraft Canopy Design (Australia)

Ian has been flying and making bodies/canopies for gliders and experimental aircrafts for more than 2 decades. He advises Garudeus on optimizing designs for manufacture.

Walter Sonneborn

Mentor, Former VP Bell Helicopter (US)

Walter mentored Garudeus on Vertical Lift and transitions from vertical flight to forward flight and vice-versa.

Hari Dura

Advisor, Aerospace Engineering (Nepal)

Hari is an aerospace engineer at the Institute of Engineering in Kathmandu and advises Garudeus on aircraft design.

Abhra Roy Chowdhury, PhD

Advisor, Robotics and UAS (India)

Abhro is a highly cited Robotics and UAS researcher. He moved back to the prestigious Indian Institute of Sciences after nearly a decade developing autonomous UAS/UMS in Singapore. He advises Garudeus on robotics and connected devices among others.

Kenneth Er

Consultant, Electronics and Battery Management (singapore)

Kenneth has been developing consumer and medical electronics since the last 5 years. He advises Garudeus on developing our electronics and battery management systems.