About Us

Redefining urban mobility

Our Story

Garudeus Aviation was born in 2017 from our love of wanting to fly and our hatred of driving around in cars and getting stuck in traffic.

Around the same time, the GoFly competition sponsored by Boeing was launched the GoFly competition. This provided further impetus to bring our vision to the market quicker. We're competing in the Boeing GoFly Competition (2017-2020)!

Everywhere in the world, people wish they can travel on road or by air easily. We realized that many people around the world wish to travel by road or by air in a more personalized way. This was the opportunity to give them the same thing we want for ourselves.

This is precisely how we conceptualized KiiRA- the world's first compact trike-hexacopter!

In 2018, Garudeus Aviation, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware. We will be flying off KiiRA at the San Francisco Bay Area in February 2020!


Our Journey

  • September 2017

Rishav Shrestha develops concept for an exoskeleton based personal air-lan vehicle: MorphR. He names the startup Garudeus Aviation after Garuda, the mythical being with wings who could fly. Garudeus is a faux Latinization of Garuda.

  • April, 2018

Due to a technical glitch, entry of MorphR into Phase I of GoFly gets abandoned.

  • July 2018

KiiRA is conceptualized

  • December 2018

Garudeus Aviation, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware.

  • February 2019

KiiRA is entered into GoFly phase II.

  • March 2019

KiiRA one-third scale prototype made.

  • August 2019

KiiRA full scale prototype will be made

  • October 2019

First 2-minute hover with 200-lb payload to be achieved

First 30 mile flight with 200-lb payload to be conducted

  • December 2019 – January 2020

1,000 miles flown with 200-lb payload (minimum 30 mile flights)

  • February 2020

First pre-production model of KiiRA to be flown at GoFly Fly-off at San Francisco Bay Area

Meet the Team

Garudeus Aviation is a group of Nepalese aviation enthusiasts, electric vehicle makers, deep-technology evangelists, and entrepreneurs. We build awesome, single-person carrying compact air-land vehicles for urban transport.

Rishav Shrestha MD, PhD

Founder, Aviation dreamer, chief innovator

A med-tech scientist-entrepreneur by day and aviation enthusiast by night, Rishav loves to innovate and commercialize. His clinical skills are now rusty, that's why he's looking for a pilot who knows how to not get into trouble. Especially since the prototype he made is rickety.

Abhisek Karki, MEng

Mechanical Engineer / EV Expert

Abhisek loves to make hip-hop music. He loves building electric vehicles a bit more than that! When he's not doing both, he's either teaching young engineers at Kathmandu University or running his vehicle body design company.

Jeevan Adhikari, PhD

Electrical and electronics Engineer

Jeevan builds and simulates electrical power transmission. He is also a die-hard fan of Manchester City Football Club.

Dipesh Karki, BEng, MBA

Control Systems Expert

Dipesh is a man of multiple talents. He is a software engineer and a control systems geek. He loves Glenfiddich. After his wife and kids, of course.

Sanjay Poudel

Computer Science/AI

Sanjay loves developing integrated systems. That's why he is moving to aerospace from health information systems.

Manni Quinn

Test Pilot

Since we're too poor to on-board a human pilot, we've recruited the services of Mr. Quinn who's agreed he won't press charges or seek damages if anything breaks down.

Advisory Panel

Gwen Lighter

Serial Entrepreneur

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Malcolm Foster

Aircraft Design

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Alfred Palma, Jr.

Robotics/ UAS/ Electrical and electronics Engineer

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Dave Chappelle

Robotics/ UAS/ Electrical and electronics Engineer

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Walter Sonneborn

Aerospace Engineer

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Hari Dura, PhD

Aerospace Engineer

Dr. Dura is an aerospace engineer at the Institute of Engineering in Kathmandu. His passion is in designing aircraft.