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The vehicle

What is the price of a KiiRA?

In full production, KiiRA will be the price of an SUV. Pricing is still being determined, and all avenues to keep prices within the limits of an SUV.

When will KiiRA be available for purchase?


How do I enlist for purchase? Do I need to put down a deposit?

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What colors does KiiRA come in?

KiiRA comes in a Metallic Red and white color scheme to begin with. More variety will be available with our production vehicles.

Will a 2-seater version be available?

In the future, it is highly possible.

Where can I see KiiRA in person?

KiiRA will be flying at the GoFly Fly-off in San Francisco Bay Area in February 2020. We will announce other showcase appearances via our mailing list.


Where is the footage of flight?

Coming soon! Stay tuned

Do you need a pilot’s licence to fly a KiiRA?

Depends. We will communicate this soon.
All operators will need to successfully complete the FAA Private Pilot written examination and also complete the company-mandated vehicle familiarization and operator training.

Can I test fly a KiiRA?

Not yet, soon.


Can KiiRA fit in a trailer?

Yes. But you can drive it, so you may not need to!

Do you need a hangar for KiiRA?

KiiRA is a dual-mode vehicle- it is both a car and a hexacopter. Due to its foldable arms, you can just store KiiRA in your garage or park it at the car/motorcycle park!


Is KiiRA an experimental aircraft?


Could KiiRA have been made to fit in the ultralight category?

It would make KiiRA's flight time very short.

Garudeus Aviation

What does Garudeus mean?

Garudeus is the faux latinization of Garuda, a mythical being with wings who could fly. When Garudeus was conceptualized, the first concept was of an exoskeleton based flying contraption. This evoked the comparison with Garuda. While this first concept is now abandoned, the name remains.

How can I invest or purchase stock in Garudeus?

Thanks for your interest. Please email us at

How can I work at Garudeus?

While we are not actively seeking employees, we do entertain job request. Please send us your cover letter, resume, transcripts, and samples/examples at We request that candidates apply for only one position.

Why is it called KiiRA?

KiiRA is the Nepalese term for an insect. While humans normally look up to birds for flight, it is the insects that have more versatile abilities to fly. KiiRA mimics the same versatility of insects. Hence the name.

How can I follow, like, and/or subscribe to Garudeus on social media?

Coming soon